Why I wanna become a pilot

Publicerat: 15 december 2008 i Gamla favoriter

Hittade en gammal skolbok. Vi skulle beskriva oss själva och vad vi ville syssla med lite kort på engelskan. Så här skrev jag

I like the atmosphere in the airport. I think pilots looks nice in their costumes. A pilot has a very nice salary, even they have alot or free time between the flights. I love high technology things. Airplanes looks magical in my eyes. They look beautiful.

Flying an airplane is wonderful. Landing an airplane is art. To land is easy but to know how to make the perfekt landing you must become one with the plane. Just like da Vinci became one with the paintbrush when he tried to do justice to a womans smile.

Even if the day is cold and grey, after breaking through the layer of clouds the sun will show up. And like the sun, flying brings happiness to life….



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